American Indian Studies (Indigenous Rights and Social Justice), MS
Accelerated Program

The MS in American Indian studies is a transdisciplinary program that provides students with an intellectual and practical understanding of the issues facing American Indian populations and the ability to apply that knowledge. Students acquire problem-solving skills in a range of professional arenas, including governmental, private and nonprofit agencies.

The program focuses on languages, cultures, the arts, activism, histories, legal policies and education from an American Indian studies paradigm and perspective. Delivery is through in-person courses.

The Indigenous rights and social justice concentration explores the historical dimensions of colonization on American Indian political, economic and cultural institutions. Students analyze the legal, political and social implications of American Indian relationships with federal, state and local governments and investigate processes that American Indian nations and community members use to strategize and work toward social justice and Indigenous rights.

Degree Offered

American Indian Studies (Indigenous Rights and Social Justice), MS
Liberal Arts and Sciences, The College of


Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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