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Graduate Degrees

Your focus through this program on American Indian cultural and funerary patrimony will enable you to analyze policies and laws in culture revitalization and sustainability.

Gain a deeper understanding of complex issues facing Indigenous communities, and learn how to apply your expertise and advocate for social justice. The skills you'll learn in this program are applicable in a variety of careers.

Your focus within this program on the preeminent issues facing Indigenous populations will lead you to new perspectives on a variety of issues pertaining to American Indian life.

The MS program in American Indian studies is a transdisciplinary program that provides students with an intellectual and practical understanding of the issues facing American Indian populations, and the ability to apply that knowledge.Students gain problem-solving skills in a range of professional arenas, including governmental, private and nonprofit agencies. The program focuses on the languages, cultures, arts, activism, histories, legal policy and education from an American Indian studies perspective. Delivery is through in-person courses.The visual and oral culture concentration explores and contributes to American Indian culture and history as it exists in visual, material and written forms through creative writing, literature, poetry, film, photography, performing arts, digital arts, oral tradition, history and communication from an American Indian studies paradigm.