Internship Experience Report Guidelines



Michelle L. Hale, Ph.D.Assistant Professor,
American Indian Studies
Honors Faculty, Barrett, The Honors College
Senior Sustainability Scholar, Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS)
1-2              5 – 7 PAGES               1-6, 9, 10
3                 8 – 12 PAGES             1-10
(The required weekly journal notes must be attached and dated, and contain a summary. These pages are not included in the number of pages required for the experience report.)
  1. Overview of organization or company’s products/services and corporate culture (no more than one (1) page)
  2. Describe your activities, duties and responsibilities
  3. A self-assessment of your preparedness going into this experience; speak in terms of education and previous experience
  4. Identify lessons learned; name the surprises, disappointments, reality checks
  5. List areas you’ve identified for professional improvement as a result of this experience, and how you plan to address them
  6. Share your student evaluation of the internship site- provide your thoughts about the learning environment of the site
  7. Describe the organizational chart of your department and/or organization. Discuss the career ladders/paths that you have observed and where you see yourself fitting into such positions. (This may include departments you’ve been able to interact with, as well as your own department.)
  8. Sketch out a tangible plan for building the credentials needed to obtain your “dream job” as it fits into this organization, or similar organizations (or not!)
  9. Describe how the concepts you learned in AIS classes relate to the mission/purpose/work of the internship site
  10. As a result of your internship, provide suggestions for concepts that could be taught in AIS classes that would make the classes relevant to tribal programs.
Papers should be typed, and edited for correct spelling and grammar. Resources used (annual reports, etc.) should be appropriately sited.