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Develop skills for a wide range of careers

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Develop skills for a wide range of careers

When you pursue a degree in American Indian studies at Arizona State University, you’ll deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Indigenous experience, including cultural and spiritual values, historical diversity, tribal leadership and social justice. As you broaden your perspective of Indigenous nations and histories, you’ll acquire analytical and critical-thinking skills, an in-depth knowledge of American Indian affairs and cultural expertise in diversity and minority perspectives as well as a broad skillset that’ll be applicable to an array of careers.

Recent graduates from our program have launched fulfilling careers with the International Indian Treaty Council, the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community and the local government. When you graduate with an American Indian studies degree, you can pursue advanced degrees or direct entry into a number of related fields, such as:

  • advocacy
  • business
  • ecology
  • education
  • government
  • health care
  • inherent rights
  • legislation
  • politics
  • public policy
  • research
  • treaty rights

Learn from our exclusive group of Indigenous professors

In the American Indian studies program, you’ll learn from exceptional faculty members who are committed to shaping the discourse of Indigenous nations. Our Indigenous professors teach lessons about American Indian history, cultures and tribal sovereignty to inspire the next generation to address the pressing needs and concerns of Indigenous communities, especially regarding their homelands, languages and sacred histories.

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Enhance your education by getting involved 

As a part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Arizona State University, you’ll be able to join many extracurricular activities to ensure you make the most of your Sun Devil experience. From student clubs and organizations to professional internships, there’s a variety of ways to get involved with your fellow students. 

Join an organization

Whether you want to become a part of the American Indian Council or any one of ASU’s 1,000+ clubs, joining an organization is a great way to meet students who share your interests.
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Apply for an internship

There’s a variety of internship opportunities available for our students. If you want to gain practical experience while earning credits, consider signing up for an internship in the field.
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Browse our research initiatives

From Alaska to Hawaii, our exceptional faculty members are developing community-based research to help solve some of the problems facing Indigenous nations.
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