Student Life

Learn to thrive with our scholars

When you enroll in an American Indian studies program at Arizona State University, you’ll become a part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences which is housed on the Tempe campus – the largest of ASU’s four campuses. You’ll join a community of bright scholars who are eager to live, learn and succeed together. Take advantage of our dynamic student life and get involved outside of the classroom to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Visit campus

Make connections through student clubs

With more than 1,000 clubs and organizations at ASU, there’s no excuse not to get involved. From community service and civic engagement to student government and American Indian organizations, we’re confident there’s a club that suits your individual needs. Organizations specific to your studies include Phi Sigma Nu Native American Fraternity, Native American Business Organization, American Indian Science and Engineering Society and more.

Gain a competitive edge with an internship

In our American Indian studies program, you’ll have access to a variety of internship opportunities within the field. Our students have interned for the American Indian Law Center, the Iroquois Indian Museum, the Native American Rights Fund, the Society for the Preservation of American Indian Culture and a bunch of related organizations. Talk to your advisor about how you can sign up to receive credit for participating in an internship.

Study abroad and explore Indigenous nations

The best way to gain a broad understanding of American Indian history, law, cultures, spiritual values, tribal sovereignty and social justice is through studying aboard. You can explore the life of Indigenous people from other parts of the world. Wherever you decide to travel, you’ll forge international connections, learn how to become a global citizen and appreciate the Indigenous experience from different cultural and national perspectives.