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Tuition and Paying for College

Learn how to fund your tuition

Earning a college education offers numerous benefits, including diverse career possibilities and economic fulfillment. When you choose to pursue a degree in American Indian studies, you’ll gain an understanding of Indigenous communities and their collective experience, from social issues and policies to culture and history. You’ll broaden your global perspective and develop skills in communication, critical thinking and analytical reasoning that’ll help you excel in virtually any desired career path – including law, education, medicine and more.

While the cost of a college education is a significant investment, you shouldn’t let it hinder your decision to study American Indian studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University. You’ll have access to a variety of ways to fund your education, including financial aid, scholarships and work-study options. 

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Note: Scholarships often have different criteria, application periods and application deadline dates. When applying for a scholarship, please review the application materials carefully to ensure all requested information and documentation is included before you submit your application.